I am searching for the descendants of Mr. Wilhelm Weber *July 26, 1827

who emigrated to the USA in the fall of  the year 1867

together with his wife Marie
, whom he had married on March 8, 1857 

and together with their three sonsAuswanderer_auf_Rheinschiffl.jpg (166992 Byte)


What is my relation to these persons? Well, please have a look on my pedigree:

  1. DREßLER, Ulrich *March 15, 1958                I (1st  Generation)                             

  2. DREßLER, Arthur *Dec. 12, 1931                    My Father (2nd Generation

  3. DREßLER, August, 1904 – 1945                       My Grandfather (3rd Generation)

  4. WEBER, Catherine, 1882 – 1959                        My Great-Grandmother (4th Generation)

  5. WEBER, Philipp Kaspar, 1844 – 1922                 My Great-Great-Grandfather (5th Generation)

  6. WEBER, Philipp Adam, 1816 – 1864                     My Great-Great-Great-Grandfather (6th Generation)


His youngest brother was Wilhelm Weber, whom I have mentioned above.

Wilhelm Weber and his three sons were all born im my hometown, a small village called "Rettershain", close to the city of "Nastaetten", where I live now.

I had a look into our church register. There not only the birth of the youngest son Philipp Martin Karl Weber was enlisted,  it was also remarked "Emigrated to America with his parents in the fall of 1867".

The three sons – my father remembers the words of his grandmother Catherine – still wrote letters to their German family up until the 19twenties. The only other thing my father remembers about the emigrants is that they had a hard time in the USA first and that they left the place where they tried to make a living first and moved somewhere else.


© Ulrich Dressler, 22.11.2008